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Q. How much will a new driveway cost?

A. There are many variables when calculating the cost of your new driveway. The thickness of the concrete, the MPA of the concrete, how many square metres of concrete to be laid, if we need a concrete pump for access, the location of your project, if excavation is required, if soil has to be removed from the site etc. We like to perform a site visit to ascertain all variables and give you a price that won't change or increase. 

Q. I have existing concrete and wish to have stencil sprayed over the top. Do you offer this? 
A. No, Crem de la Crete does not offer Spray on Concrete. We can not guarantee the existing concrete will not crack in the future. We suggest removing all existing concrete and replacing with new. 

Q. Are there any warranties / guarantees against cracking ?
A: Concrete is a natural product and can crack, we encourage you to google this, you will confirm this. We take steps in preventing cracks where possible, by installing steel reinforcement mesh, correct depth of concrete, correct subgrade, thickness of mesh, mpa of concrete, correct cover of steel etc

Naturally we do all of this to the highest of standards. 

Q. Are any steel rebar grids installed for stability
A.  Yes, steel mesh 72 reinforcement is always to be used on our jobs. 

Q. How long will the job take (give and take good weather for drying)?
A. For a standard Driveway (Our Specialty) from excavation to finish pour date will take approx 1 week, give or take good weather.
Plus 10 days after not suitable to be driven on while curing concrete. Walking on it is fine. 

Ready to Proceed with a Quote

So you're ready to proceed with a formal site visit & quote for your New Driveway. 

 Steps for the Homeowner

We recommend once your concrete driveway has been laid that it is hosed down daily, preferably morning & night for the first 4-5 days, this is essential during the hotter Summer months to reduce cracking, as concrete reacts to the harsher warm climate.

We also recommend cleaning & application of a concrete sealer - resealing your concrete every 12 -18 months, this can be done by the homeowner or you can engage us to perform this service for you for a specified rate. Cleaning and resealing your concrete ensures you have that "New" look driveway every day of the year, for years to come. Sealers help maintain and protect plain, coloured and decorative concrete against staining and the harsh Australian climate. Concrete Sealers are available in a large array of colours and are able to be colour matched to suit your personal style